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Photo Stitcher 2.1.168

Fast and Professional Panorama Maker for Mac

Fast and Professional Panorama Maker for Mac

Make stunning panoramas with high-resolution images taken by camera, scanner or smartphone, the automatic panorama maker for Mac should be the initial choice.

Auto-Select by Group and auto-stitch make it easy to align images without manually messing around moving photos, automatic exposure leveling and lens shading correction, automatic cropping algorithm to create a stunning panoramic photography.

Different stitching techniques are used to extend the capability of digital camera or other devices. Whether you have to broader the field view multiple times vertically, horizontally or tile, you can even create 360 panoramas in high resolution.

• Auto-select Group can detect and select photos into group intelligently.

• Perfectly seamless stitch 3 or more pictures into panoramas.

• Creates 360° segmented panorama in high resolution.

• Provides 4 classic stitch modes: Vertical, Horizontal, 360 degree and Tile.

• Supports input normal image formats JPG, JPEG, TIF and TIFF formats.

• And also supports different RAW formats for popular camera types. It should be the best Nikon Panorama Maker alternative.

• Save in any format supported by your system, such as JPEG, JPEG-2000 or TIFF.

• Align Points and Photo Blend let you tweak overlapped areas to achieve optimal results.

• The easiest panoramic workshop procedure with simple user-interface.

• Add frame and texts to the panoramic photography.

• Stitching margins are adjustable to match the overlap in your pictures.

• Adjust the color balance, exposure, levels, brightness, contrast and more.

• Automatic cropping algorithm.

1. Advanced automatic algorithm to make panorama easily.

2. Multiple stitch methods to make different panorama photograph, including 360 panorama, vertical panorama, horizontal panorama and tile panorama.

3. Support stitching photos automatically and manually.

4. Align Points and Photo Blend let you tweak overlapped areas to achieve optimal results.

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Photo Stitcher 2.1.168